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That should raise some eyebrows! I graduated from a Japanese university and I for one, have constantly received that reaction. Over the years I have dealt with numerous misconceptions about studying in Japan and I thought it's worth putting a post here. I will sort out those misconceptions, one by one.

1. Studying in Japan is expensive!

Japan is an expensive country. No doubt about it. But is it an expensive country for students? I would say no. The tuition fee in Japanese Universities is about 1/3rd of western countries, while maintaining the similar standard of education.

Japan is one of the very few countries, which provides tuition waivers (even at undergraduate level). There are tuition waivers and also many scholarships which can help students with the living expenses.

2. It's mandatory to know Japanese language

In the past decade, Japanese government has taken various initiatives to internationalize higher education in Japan. One such measure was introduction of various courses in English (while Japanese language was made optional to study. Currently, there are many Japanese universities offering courses in English. Please visit https://www.jasso.go.jp/ to find out more.

3. It's difficult to find a job in Japan

Demographically, Japan is an ageing society and its working population has been shrinking for past few decades. There are 1.5 vacancies for every job applicant. Japan has changed its visa regulations to allow migrants to switch jobs, bring their families to Japan and eventually become permanent residents. Japan has also introduced trainee programs for to fill this manpower shortage. For highly skilled jobs too, there is a demand supply mismatch, which is aptly met by overseaGutentor Simple Text.

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