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If you are looking for opportunities to study abroad in Japan and your choice of major is one of the below, then you are at the right place. This article deals with the topic- why Japan is the ideal place to major the subjects given below and what is the scope after pursuing higher education in Japan.


The country with the world's smartest subway system! Maximum number of inventions in robotics and the home to trusted and durable auto and hi-tech brands like Honda, Nissan, Panasonic, Nikon, and Sony! Yes, that is Japan.

Be it electrical, mechanical, automotive or IT engineering or Robotics - Japan is an obvious choice. Most Japanese universities offering engineering courses have fabulous lab facilities to provide you with hands- on knowledge and opportunities to explore and experiment.

The upcoming Engineering projects in India such as the Bullet train project from Mumbai to Gujrat or our Metro project- they all borrow Japanese know-how and funds. In fact, Japan plans to invest 5 trillion yen in the Indian Economy over the next 5 years for the betterment of infrastructure, climate, and manufacturing in India. India has joined hands with the Japanese government in laying up metro systems in several cities.

So, learning engineering from a Japanese university would certainly mean job assurance in such projects in India too!

Graphic Designing

Japan is home to the world-famous manga and Anime. There are many schools in Japan specializing in animation. What makes Japan an ideal place for learning animation is that once we graduate from the college, we can get to work as interns or full-time animators under many big and established animation houses recognised all around the world. Japan has given one of the best forms of entertainment to the world.

Product design

Japan has given some very useful inventions to the world. It is famous for its innovative ideas, and durability of its products. Today, inventions like these have eased our daily lives in many wondrous ways.

QR codes are used in every SNS for the exchanging of accounts without sharing numbers or personal details. And we can imagine what life would have been without emojis on social media!

Today, it is possible for visually impaired to travel in public transports especially metro. Tactile paving helps such people understand the route and they do not have to rely on receiving assistance from others while travelling.


Japan has one of the world's most advanced medical systems and a huge body of experience when it comes to health care and nursing.

Several Japanese students choose nursing as a major in colleges. While the subject must not be so popular when it comes to India, it is of great importance in Japan, as a lot of people rely on nurses for taking care of them. The reason behind is Japan's aging population. Currently, Japan's 29% of total population is over 65 years of age and that is about 36.4 million and this population relies on nurses for taking care of them, helping them with everyday life. The older population needs young volunteers who can help them in carrying out everyday tasks. Thus, Japanese government encourages more and more students to choose nursing in universities.


Japanese Language sounds like a unique and rare choice currently in India since traditionally students choose to study European languages such as Spanish, French, or German.

But the presence of a huge number of Japanese companies in India such as Honda, Panasonic, Nikon, Nissan, Suzuki, Sony, Uniqlo and 5000 such Japanese companies is a good enough reason to choose Japanese language over others.

What is more, all the companies mentioned above are multinational companies, having offices not just in India but also in every country of the world! You can potentially find a job in any part of the world. And of course, studying Japanese in Japan can fast forward one's learning by a few years.

Japanese culture is still mysterious to rest of the world. Sakura and autumn foliage, calligraphy, tea ceremony, sumo, onsen, its unique history- once you know this language, you can choose to be an expert on any of these areas and will forever be in high demand!


  • Japan is the only country with Japanese as its official language.
  • The ever-increasing number of Japanese learners in India has reached 32000 and the number of Indians working in Japan is around 35000.

Apart from this, what other place would be best than the country itself whose culture we want to experience!? Japan has so much to offer. There are traditions that have been practiced over thousands of years and Japanese have managed to keep those traditions alive to this date. There is an endless list of things one can explore in Japan.

Business Management

There is no way you have not heard of Japanese work ethics, persistence, and hard work. Japan is a pioneer in manufacturing and its companies such as Toyota, Honda and many others have known to innovate many world-class production and management systems. Toyota? just in time strategy, 5 S organizational method or kaizen- there is a a lot to learn when it comes to business management from the Japanese.

Japan has received a lot of recognition for, it has everything in such an organised manner. These management skills also reflect in their various domains, which do not only operate the Japanese society but also their business and management.

Toyota, which is one of the most selling automobile companies uses the following strategies, which they better call as The Toyota Way;

  1. Respect for people
  2. Continuous improvement

The above two strategies are not just restricted to automobile companies but can be applicable in any other field.

Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, was very famously known for his outstanding management skills. The following was the vision for his company;

"Company's vision must be driven by the aspirations of its customers."

He also wrote books on management ethics.

Japanese management skills are known to the world and one's options while applying for jobs related to management expand after receiving a degree from Japan.


  1. Japan has a huge world-market and needs bilingual speakers to be able to understand Japanese business strategies and convey it to the world.
  2. With thousands of Japanese companies operating in India, and many more iin the world, why would one give another thought to learning management in any other country rather than Japan!

I hope you found this article useful. See you in the next one!

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